CURE Childhood Cancer

If following my training, please consider donating to CURE Childhood Cancer using the button to the left or visiting the website directly. 100% of proceeds will go to CURE. Thank you!


Supplements I take:


Vita Jym

Pre Jym

Post Jym

Pro Jym

Vitamin D3 (Abundant health)

Amazing grass: Green Superfood

Below you will find training listed for each day, which is also posted to the Instagram page. As well as general rules for nutrition I will be following, supplements I take (I am not sponsored nor do I receive anything for listing them, it is just something I am often asked). After spending time reflecting on 2018, I have set several personal, professional, and fitness goals for myself. I like many people have let daily excuses get the best of me the last few months; working 12-16 hour days 6 days a week, having spondylolisthesis, spondylitis, and a degenerative disc, etc. The overall goal of my plan is to increase strength, functional movement patterns, essentially improve overall fitness. Two personal goals I have set for my self this year is in competing in a USA powerlifting Bench only event and chasing the Georgia Record and competing in the Crossfit open. A much bigger goal of mine for 2019 is to inspire people to achieve their fitness goals as well as give back to charity. I hope this may help someone! If you have any questions, please send an email to Also check out the exercise library tab for videos on different exercises.


I personally count macros and try to eat whole foods. (not the store) Limit or no: processed food and drinks. As much water as possible, I carry around a Nalgene bottle and drink throughout the day. My Macro %’s fluctuate a bit depending on my goals and how I am responding to training. With the exception of Protein powder I try to limit dairy intake, for me personally it increases inflammation a bit.

Protein sources: Chicken, Ground beef (96%) lean, Steak, Salmon,Eggs, Whey/Casein protein, etc. I personally shop antibiotic free, hormone free, wild caught, etc.

Carbohydrate sources: Sweet potatoes, Rice (white, Brown, and black), Quinoa, and anything green or colored; Broccoli, Spinach, Peppers, etc. I do not count anything green into my macros, If we are being honset with our selves nobody ever failed fat camp eating too much broccoli :).

Fats sources: I get the majority of my fat sources from the meat I eat but also things such as Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, small amounts of peanut butter, Grass fed butter (for steak).