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M.A.T Science Education B.S.A Biological Sciences




Supplements I take:


Vita Jym

Jym Omega

Pre Jym

Post Jym

Pro Jym

Vitamin D3 (Abundant health)


Bone Broth

Amazing grass: Green Superfood

Below you will find training listed for each day, which is also posted to the Instagram page. As well as general rules for nutrition I will be following, supplements I take (I am not sponsored nor do I receive anything for listing them, it is just something I am often asked by people). After spending time reflecting on 2018, I have set several personal, professional, and fitness goals for myself. I like many people have let daily excuses get the best of me the last few months; working 12-16 hour days 6 days a week, having spondylolisthesis, spondylitis, and a degenerative disc, etc. The overall goal of my plan is to increase strength, functional movement patterns, essentially improve overall fitness. Two personal goals I have set for my self this year is in competing in a USA powerlifting Bench only event and chasing the Georgia Record and competing in the Crossfit open.

** I competed in the power-lifting meet and had no problem lifting 375, but did not wait on the “rack call” so the lift did not count. I am excited to get back to training and moving towards my goal of hitting 450 in competition. I also completed the Cross-fit open RX’d, I certainly did not do as well as I had hoped (had trouble with technical movements I did not practice enough ) but I had a good time doing it. **

A much bigger goal of mine for 2019 is to inspire people to achieve their fitness goals as well as give back to charity. I hope this may help someone! If you have any questions, please send an email to Also check out the exercise library tab for videos on different exercises, it is free and I am working to continue to expand it!


I don’t personally count macros and but I try to eat whole foods for the majority of the time. (not the store) Limited or no: processed food and drinks, if a eating a quest bar or something every once in a while will keep you on track most of the time then do it! As much water as possible, I carry around a Nalgene bottle and drink throughout the day. If doing Macro %’s they may fluctuate a bit depending on goals and how you are responding to training, so you may need to play around with them a bit to find what works best for you! With the exception of Protein powder I try to limit dairy intake, for me personally it increases inflammation a bit, but I do throw it in there on occasion.

Protein sources: Chicken, Ground beef (96%) lean, Steak, Salmon,Eggs, Whey/Casein protein, etc. I personally shop antibiotic free, hormone free, wild caught, etc.

Carbohydrate sources: Sweet potatoes, Rice (white, Brown, and black) ** you may want to limit rice if you are trying to lean down or time eating it around your workout, Quinoa, and anything green or colored; Broccoli, Spinach, Peppers, etc. I do not count anything green if I am doing macros, If we are being honest with our selves nobody ever failed fat camp eating too much broccoli :) so load up on some green stuff.

Fats sources: I get the majority of my fat sources from the meat I eat but also things such as Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, small amounts of peanut butter, Grass fed butter (for steak), avocado oil.