Do you have own gym equipment or a gym membership, and just have no clue where to even start? Let me develop a program designed specifically for your fitness goals. I do not do cookie cut programs or believe people should be matched to pre-made programs. All programs I design are personalized specifically for you and your goals and modified when needed. You will have access to feedback via email/ Skype throughout the plan you chose.  During your program, I will answer all of your questions with a full explanation with any supplemental information needed. The supplemental information will include videos of me explaining and demonstrating exercises, pictures, videos, web chat, and with a guaranteed 24 hour response time . I will also re-analyze the program once a month, and I will include nutritional tips and evaluation of your daily food log monthly.I offer month-to-month templates, as well as, a longer three-month template.


  • Month-to-Month: $70.00

  • Three Month (12-week plan): $150.00

  • "Train" with Cameron Option: *** Currently Free***: if you want to follow the programming/ Nutrition plan I follow you will have access to my training programming and general nutrition guidelines. Check out the Train with me tab under the about me tab.



  • I offer In person training in Athens, GA. Training sessions will happen at Fitness at five. ( Prices below.

  • I also offer Buddy sessions to train you and a friend. Prices below.

  • Free 15 min Consultation


  • One-on-One session (1 person):

    • $30 for 30 minutes

    • $50 for 60 minutes

    • $450 for 10 sessions

    • $800 for 20 sessions

  • "Buddy" session (price and training includes total for 2 people):

    • $40 for 30 minutes

    • $80 for 60 minutes

    • $700 for 10 sessions

    • $1,000 for 20 sessions


Just  Have Nutritional or Fitness Related Questions?

If you would like to just discuss or ask various nutritional and fitness related questions you may have we can meet in person (if in the Athens area) at Fitness at five, or online via Skype or through email, I will answer all questions as well as send any supplemental information needed (videos, pictures, etc) to answer all questions you may have.


30 minutes or via email : $25

60 Minutes: $40


**All training Programs also come with free access to the Exercise library which I constantly work to grow (videos of various exercises) 

**Currently offered for Georgia Residents only, working on expanding to other states**