Probgrammjng 7/17-7/23



Band warmup

  1. BB Bench press ( 1 set of each grip: regular,close,wide)                       

#45x20              #95x15

#135x15                  #185x12

#225x5                    #275x5                    #315x 1+

*+ = as many reps as possible

Bench 225 burnout: 18 reps

Bench 135 burnout 1 set each grip: regular 38reps, wide 32 reps, close

Seated DB alt press: #50's 3x10

Push-up burnout: 74

Push-up burnout with slingshot: 147


Warmup bands +OLY

  1. 7x7 on 7 sec rest, then 6x6 on 6 sec rest

      7x7: front squat 115lb & Kb swing 50lb

      6x6: back squat 135lb & jump squat     

      BW (jump for max height)

  1. 1/2 BW (100lb) dumbbell: 2x25 unbroken
  2. Seated calf raise: 90 lbs 4x10 with pauses
  3. Air squats: 500

7/19 active rest day

200 cal row

Prowler work 25 yd push + 25 yd pull:

110 lbs x 4 sets

155 lbs x 4 sets

200 lbs x 4 sets

255 lbs x 2 sets 

200 cal row


Triple 300 or "900" : RX'd

25 pull-ups

50 deadlift #135

50 push-ups

50 box jumps

50 floor wipers #135

50 clean and press alternate 35lb Kb

25 pull-ups

(Done three times in order)

Total Time: 49:30

Splits: R1: 14:36  R2: 31:01 R3: 49:30


100 cal assault bike

200 cal seated rope trainer

  1. Lat pull-down: 165lbs x 100 rep (as few sets as possible).  (5 sets: 23,22,17,17,22)
  2. 300 push-ups: broken in sets of 20

100 cal seated rope trainer

100 cal assault bike + 20 24Kg KB swing             

        every 20 cal.

Time: 12:08


Rest day. Moved homes


Programming 7/10-7/16

Week 7/10-7/16


Band warmup

  1. BB Bench press                       

#45x20x2              #95x15x2

#135x15                  #185x12

#225x10                    #245x10

#275 x5                    #315 7x3

Bench 225 burnout: 20 reps

Bench 225 BO with SS: 16 reps

Bench 135+HC burnout: 25 reps

Bench floor press: 135 3x10

Bench floor press Close grip: 135 3x10

Seated DB alt press: #50's 3x10

Circuit: 4 rounds

400 m run

25 dips

25 pull-ups (strict)

Time: 16:54


Band & OLY warm up

7x3 (slow eccentric and pause) on 1mr

  1. Front squat @155 from floor 
  2. Back squat @225

With box 4 sets

10 pistol squat #32 KBx 2

10 step up mid & lat alternate ES #32KBx2

20 box jump

3 rounds:

50 cal row

50 wall balls #20

300 Yds each #200 prowler push and pull

3/12 active rest day

100 cal assault Bike

100 cal seated rope trainer

Lat pull down:#88x20, 121x12,165x10, 187x8, 209x5+

Cable row: #88x20, #121x12,#165x10, #187x8, #209 5x5

200 cal row

100 cal seated rope trainer

100 cal assault bike


Double 300 or "600" : RX'd

25 pull-ups

50 deadlift #135

50 push-ups

50 box jumps

50 floor wipers #135

50 clean and press alternate 35lb Kb

25 pull-ups

(Done twice in order)

Time: 34:29

Round 1 split: 16:32



Circuit: AMRAP 15 minutes

Bench 225 x 10 unbroken

50 yd Banded kB walk 100 lb each hand

Score: 7 rounds (6 unbroken)

Then: finish bench 225 to 100 total reps in as few sets as possible. (30 left)

Set 1:10

Set 2: 10

Set 3: 9

Set 4: 1

Then burnout with 225 bench: 17 reps 

7/15: rest day/stretching/ mobility work


100 cal assault Bike

200 cal seated rope trainer

Lat pull down:#88x20, 121x12,165x10, 187x8, 209x5+

Cable row: #88x20, #121x12,#165x10, #187x8, #231 5x5

200 cal row

200 cal seated rope trainer

100 cal assault bike

1 mile hike with 40lb vest

Training 6/26-7/8


Band warmup

  1. BB Bench press                       

#45x20x2              #95x15x2

#135x15                  #185x12

#225x10                    #245x10

#275 5x5                    #315x burnout

Bench 225 burnout: 19 reps

Bench 185+50 lbs hanging KB: 13 reps

Bench 135+HC burnout: 25 reps

Bench floor press: 185 3x5, 135 3x10

Dips 10x20

Circuit: 3 rounds

400 m run

21 KB swing #55

12 pull-ups (strict)

Time: 8:54


Band warmup

7x7, 6x6, 5x5 (7 seconds rest each round)

  1. Front squat #95                                  Box jump
  2. Box pistol squat                   

      Banded farmer walks (100 each hand)

6/28 active rest day

Light work on lat pull down and row

OHP 4x10 each side #50

2 mile run

6/29 super set day

Band warmup + shoulder complex warmup

1. 10 Rounds (30 sec rest each Round)

      10 Bench press + banded KB's #185

      10 each side landmine BB ROW #50

  1. 10 rounds fir time with #20 vest

        10 pull-ups strict

        10 dips strict

        Time: 6:59

  1. 5 Rounds for time

        10 Kbdeadlift &10 Kbgoblet squat #50

        10 box jump (24 in)   

        Time: 4:56

  1. 5 rounds

      Farmers walk with band KB #200 (BW)

      Battle rope 20 DA + 20 SA


  1. Seated battle rope DA +SA: 60, 74
  2. Bench press 135: 49


50 cal AB

200 cal seated rope trainer

"300" workout

Time: 13:34

50 cal AB


Vacation and de-load week. 😊🏖🏝👍

My Programming 6/19-6/25

6/19 workout (chest day)

Band warmup

  1. BB Bench press                       

#45x20x2              #95x15x2

#135x15                  #185x12

#225x6                    #245x4

#275x2                    #315x2

#335x1                    #355x1

Bench With sling shot:

#375 x 2

#405 x 1

Bench 225 burnout: 22 reps

Bench 135+HC burnout: 30

Bench floor press: 3x10 (135,185,225)

  1. With 20 lb vest:

100 dips  (10x10)

100 pull-ups strict  (10x10)

200 push-ups (20x10)

  1. Row:20 cal sprints x 5 (:52,:50,:49,:52,:45)


6/20 workout (circuit day)

AMRAP 30 min

A. 135 deadlift x 10

B. 135 floor press x 10

C. 135 front squat x 10

D. 50 push-ups

E. 50 pull-ups

F. 50 battle rope Double arm & single arm

H. Box jump 25

I. KB swing x 20 #50

J. Sled push & pull #200 x 200 yards

K. Box pistol squat 15 each side

Score: 1 round + A,B,C,D,E, 50 DA 20 SA


Then: "Bro sesh" .. curls

Seated DB curl & seated hammer curl

3 sets of 8 each side for both (#35,45,55)

Burnout seated DB curl #35:34 each side

Seated preacher curl #95: 3x10

Face pulls: 3x15


6/21 workout

A) DB Goblet squat #50


B) DB swing #50


C) DB clean and press

3x10 each side

D) reverse crunch & sit up 5x20 each


6/22 morning workout

  1. AB 50 cal
  2. Seated VMX rope trainer 250 cal
  3. 10 rounds for time: total time (22:20) (row time 12:22)

        20 cal row

        20 DB swings #50 unbroken

  1. 10 rounds for time: 8:24

      10 pull-ups  (strict & unbroken)

      10 push-ups

      10 squats

      10 sit-ups



Band warmup + mobility work

  1. Bench: #45 3x15

#95 2x15        #135 2x12

#185x12        #225x10

#255x6          #275x4

#295x2          #315x2

#335x1          #365x1

With slings shot: #365 3x3

  1. 10x10

    A. 10 floor press & 10 floor wipers #135

    B. 10 dips with 3 sec pause


Then 20 min AMRAP:

Prowler push/pull (25 yards each) #200

10 seated box jumps (20in->40in)

10 KB Deadlift #50

Score: 6 rounds + 1 prowler pull



70 cal row

Lat pull down and cable row:

#88x 20





Pull through: 4x12 (49,55,66,77)

Goblet squat: 4x20 #50

OHP: 4x10 each side (35,40,45,50)

AMRAP: 20 min

Farmers walk trap bar  #200 x 50 yards

Assault bike 20 cal

Score: 6 rounds + 25 yd walk


6/25: rest day  

My programming for the week. (5/15-5/21)

5/15 Monday

Band warm up


4 day bench end at 90% 1RM

+ #135 BB row x6 each set of bench

#45x25x3.              #95x20x2

#135x16.                #185x12

#210x4.                  #235x4

#260x4.                #285x4


#135+heavy chains burnout: 34


40 lb Weighted vest pull-up and dip

10x10 for each

C. 4 sets of 10 dips with 5 second hold and 25 pushups with 40lb vest



Warmup + bands


AMRAP  15 min BB front squat #95

Reps: 179


3 minutes rest then:


For time with  20lb vest

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 squats

Time: 17:01



Rope trainer 100 cal

  1. Lat pull down: 5x15
  2. Dual pulley row: alternate 12 each side then 12 with both for 4 sets #42.5
  3. Laying row #70 10 both grips, 115 x10 both grips x 2 sets
  4. Alternate Single arm DB row #70x20, #80x16, #90x12, #100x10
  5. Brosesh seated curls #35's 10 each side + 10 hammer each side x 2 sets. 2 sets with #50
  6. BB curl #45 4 sets of 50



Band warm up + OLY warmup

  1. Clean grip + snatch grip deadlift             








** (shoulder complex after each set)

  1. Box pistol squat + Bulgarian split squat 3x10 each leg with weight vest
  2. KB swing #50 25x8



Band warmup


1. 300 challenge with 20lb vest : 

25 pull-ups

50 deadlift

50 push-ups

50 box jump

50 floor wipers

50 alternate clean and press

25 pull-ups

Time: 15:25


4x10 alternate overhead press #36 KB

4x25 BB shrug #135


5/20 Rest day 😊



Active rest day

With 20 lb vest

300 squats

300 push-ups

300 lunges


"300" Fitness Challenge

To all of my fitness friends or anyone who wants to try to complete this challenge I would love to hear about you doing the workout. I came up with the workout because I was looking to do something "cardio" like and am not the world's largest fan of running or using any cardiovascular equipment (with the exception of rowing machine, I do enjoy that but did not have one available). My goal is to work my way up to being able to do 1,000 reps of everything instead. 

THE WORKOUT: 300 Pull-ups, 300 Air Squats, 300 Push-ups, 300 Sit-ups

The work out is done for time, but form on all exercises needs to remain good throughout.

Rules: It is broken up in sets of 25, meaning you will start with 25 pull-ups broken up however you want but you can not move on to the next exercise till the 25 reps are complete. So it would be as followed; 25 pull-ups, 25 air squats, 25 push-ups, and 25 sit-ups. you will repeat this 12 times to get the 300 reps of each exercise. The pull-ups are strict pull-ups, no kipping or swinging. If you need to modify anything just denote it in your results.

My Results: I finished the 300 rep challenge in 25:46 and felt pretty good so decided to do and extra 100 reps of each exercise for a total of 400 with a time of 36:27

Good Luck if you chose to do it! Post your results to this blog post or the Facebook page.


Goal Setting

As a Fitness Professional, I can not stress enough how important setting a goal for fitness can be, but one that is very detailed and specific. Without a goal in mind or a unspecific goal, your goal will never be attainable and will likely shortly be given up on.  Also without a chosen goal it is difficult to determine a program to follow to help you reach your goal.

1. SETTING YOUR GOAL: A goal needs to be quantitative in nature, meaning it needs to be something that can be measurable so that you can determine results, and can be adjusted if needed based on measurements. The goal also needs to have a time frame so that you know how long to program for and time frames to break up your large goal into smaller goals. Also hugely important, it needs to be a goal that is attainable. I see to often people making a goal of lets say; Losing weight. However when asked they have not set a time frame to lose the weight (example of good time frame: say 3 lbs a week for a total of 12 lbs after 4 weeks) but instead just said my goal is to lose 40 lbs in a month . Another error I see a lot of people make is not setting a program up or getting help from a fitness professional to set up a program to reach the goal, instead they just wonder around doing random things. Nothing will get you further from a goal then simply walking into a gym and winging it.

2. GETTING TO YOUR GOAL: After you pick a fitness goal that is specific, measurable, and has a designated time frame, you can find a program to follow to help you reach your goal. There are programming plans for all kinds of goals you can follow on numerous websites. For example has programs for nearly every goal (fat loss, strength gain, muscle gain, lean muscle gain, etc). However if you are just starting out and you do not know what you are doing, finding a Personal Trainer that can teach you how to do the exercises correctly can be vital to helping you reach your goal.  A personal trainer can also help you identify any muscular imbalances and make a plan to correct them so that you can safely do the exercises needed for a program, without a high chance of injury keeping you even further from your goal! Never hesitate to ask for help! Just make sure that the information you are getting is from a reliable source.

3. STICK WITH IT!: It takes time to reach a goal, but if you stick with it, have a plan and make adjustments to the plan as needed you CAN reach your goal. I once taught swim lessons to a woman who was in her late 50's with a fear of water for her entire life. Even in 3 feet of water she would panic and scream if she became even slightly off balance. It took a lot of work and patience for her but after a couple months, not only was I able to help her get rid of her fear but we met her goal of swimming laps with both strokes; free style and breast stroke in a 50 meter Olympic pool.

I would like to now share with you my latest fitness goal I have made, and would love to see your fitness goals in the comments section below. My love is for fitness but my passion is for helping others reach there fitness goals, and if there is anyway I can help you reach your goal I would love to

MY GOAL: My goal is to be able to get a 1 rep max of at least 2 times my body weight in the Bench Press, Squat, and Dead lift @ a body weight of 185 lbs and 7% body fat by April 30th. I also have a side goal of being able to do 1 pull-up with my body weight in weights added on, essentially making it double body weight.

Do not judge a book by its cover

A few days ago I overheard a woman describe me as quote "a meathead with little functional strength". So today I decided to put her comment to the test. Since her chosen style of exercise is crossfit I decided to try out a crossfit workout after my normally scheduled workout of:

1. 10 sets of 5 reps (circuit Style, two exercises) no more than 20 seconds rest in between each set.    A. Bench Press 275 lbs                                                           B. Squat 275 pounds.

2. Followed by one set:  A. Bench 315lbs x 4reps                           B. Squat 315lbs x 6 reps

After finishing my circuit training, I decided to chose a benchmark Crossfit WOD and after some brief reading came to the conclusion of Fran. The workout is as followed: Three rounds, 21-15-9 reps of 95-pound barbell thrusters and pull-ups, all done for time.

My time: 2:32 seconds

(I used strict pull-ups, none of that kipping business, although I will say kipping is a very technical movement if done correctly that requires a good deal of coordination, which probably would have lowered my time, I just prefer strict pull-ups.)

According to the chart below; My time on Fran was a mere two seconds shy of what they consider to be Elite. I must say, not to shabby for a meathead with little functional strength. After a few minutes rest I quickly realized why competition crossfitters likely do multiple WODs a day so I decided to make up what I felt seemed crossfit...ish and ended on;

4 rounds: Clean and Jerk 185x10 followed by 10 muscle-ups. I will admit it was quite fun.




Now this leads me to my main point of this blog post and really the only important thing. Do not judge people just by looking at them. The world and our society is full of negative, what we all need is a little positive. Rather than bash people who train differently then you, Just tell them you appreciate all the hard work they do and to keep it up, and maybe give there point of a view a shot. Who knows maybe you will even like it or find out you are quite good at it.

Fitness related Question: What's a good pregame Stretch for Soccer?

To answer this question I believe it is important to define the difference between a warm up and stretching, two terms that are often confused and used interchangeably.

1. A Warm-Up is highly recommended before competition, exercise, or stretching and does several things including; Increases blood flow to working muscle which will increase performance as well as decrease the risk of injury and muscle stiffness as well as prepare the body physiologically and psychologically for the tasks it will be doing. Warming up can be done by using low to moderate aerobic activity with an emphasis on the muscle groups or areas that will be used, or by adding Calisthenics.

2. the Goal of Stretching is to increase the full range of motion about a joint. Numerous studies show that stretching before exercise does not reduce the risk of injury or reduce muscle soreness post workout. However, having increased range of motion in a joint will lead to better performance and allow you to get the most out of a workout. For example, if you have tight hip muscles with a limited full range of motion it may be difficult to execute a squat properly and several muscles may compensate for the tight hip muscles. To fix, muscle imbalances tight muscles need to be stretched and weak muscles need to be strengthened. It is recommended that stretching be done only when the muscle is warm, so I would suggest stretching at the end of exercise.

So, to answer your question, I would say there is not a good pregame stretch. I would recommend doing a good warm-up pregame but stretching should be done post game, exercise, or practice. Preferably practice so that when it comes to game time you will already have increased flexibility and range of motion. A personal Trainer can help identify muscle imbalances, and help develop a program to relax tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles to correct any imbalances. If there are muscle imbalances that are not corrected they can quickly lead to overuse injuries. Some good stretches to do post exercise for soccer players would include; Standing quad stretch, Standing calf stretch,  Iliotibial band (IT) Stretch, Hip flexors and Psoas stretch, Hip and Lower back stretch, Supine piriformis stretch, Seated Hamstring Stretch, Basic Shoulder stretch, and Achilles tendon stretch. All of these stretches should be done 30-60 seconds each side once daily.


Personal Training and Program Design

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Blog and Fitness Tips

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